22 — 24 listopad 2019

Ćmielów Design Studio


Ćmielów Design Studio is a professional studio and a new label for the Ćmielów and Chodzież Polish Porcelain Factory Co., founded in 2013 and run by Marek Cecuła, an acknowledged ceramics artist and designer. The aim of ĆDS is to take active part in the development of Polish design, and to release innovative products in household and decorative porcelain. The objects created at Ćmielów’s studio clearly have a one-of-a-kind quality; this comes from the modelling and handcraft process, which reveals traces of the artist’s touch in the form and the decor. Ćmielów Design Studio is the first of its kind in Poland, bridging crafts, industry, and art. It joins over two hundred years of Ćmielów dining porcelain production with the artistic sensitivities of contemporary designers. Taking advantage of the new capabilities open to ceramics in today’s design, the studio creates a range of innovative projects based on the industrial process, new ceramic materials, and modern technologies. Ceramics created by ĆDS provide a backdrop for the personal relationships between man and object, creating opportunities for creativity and ceremony in their everyday use. ĆDS designers: Marek Cecuła, Edyta Cieloch, Daga Rogers.

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